The Percent of Change of a Snickers Bar

How much has the cost of a Snickers Bar changed from 1980 to 2014?

This is a chart of the information I found that shows the increase of the price of a Snickers bar.

So really from 1980 to 2014 the price has changed $ 1.00 so that would equal to a 333.3% change.

Finding how much the price has diffed over the years was challenging because the snickers bar is sold in most of the world from the USA to Iceland. That means they price can changed based on tax and other factors. I am not surprised by this change in price because supply and demand is happening everyday and chocolate is demanded more and more so in order to fill these orders the price of the popular candy bar needs to be altered.

Predictions for the Future

I think that in the future the price of of snickers bar will even more so increase. I believe this because at the rate the world is consuming chocolate we will soon run out of the coco plant. Yes this plant can recover but This would take hundreds of years so I big chocolate companies want to stay in business they will have to increase cost and decrease flavor. Using math I was able to predict the price a snickers bar would be 50 years from now. 50 years from now the price will be $5.63. That is and increase of $4.33 in cost.

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