Water Rocket Project

                                                   Engineering Design Process

1. Define the Problem

Engineer a water-rocket that stays in the air the longest time

2. Brainstorming

3. Research and Generating Ideas


  • Congreve's design had an iron case and a 16 foot guide stick
  • The V-2 rocket used a liquid fuel consisting of alcohol and liquid oxygen to carry a 1,650 pound load up to 225 miles.
  • The longitudinal (roll) axis- barrel roll
  • The lateral (pitch) axis- up and down
  • The vertical (yaw) axis- side to side

momentum water = mass water x velocity water

momentum water = momentum rocketmass water x velocity water = mass rocket x velocity rocket

Drag = .5 x air density * velocity2 * frontal area * coefficient of drag

A = π x r2.

  • Thrust and Weight acts through the center of gravity
  • Drag and Lift acts through the center of pressure
  • Can change Density and Volume but Gravity will always be 9.8 m/s2
  • volume = thickness x width x length
  • mass = density x volume
  • weight = mass x gravity
  • Air density changes with altitude
  • Drag increases with the square of velocity
  • Drag increases with the square of velocity
  • Control the coefficient of drag by adjusting the shape of the transition cone
  • Can’t control the Air Density and Velocity
  • Can control Frontal Area and Coefficient of Drag


WhiteBox Learning Research

4. Identifying criteria and specifying constraints

5. Exploring possibilities

I chose the three designs, trying to get the maximum time in flight. I made subtle changes to the design so I wouldn't completely mess my time up. I tried changing the cone transition, the mass, and mostly the fins. I tried adding the least amount of clay mass while still allowing the parachute to deploy.

6. Selecting an Approach

7. Developing a Design Proposal

8. Making a model or prototype

9. Testing and Evaluating the Design, using specifications

Time in flight- 4.05 seconds

10.Refining the Design

Stronger fins, lighter rocket, and wider cone tube

11. Creating or Making It

What additional steps would be necessary to produce this solution for mass market production?

Better quality material , solid color, functional

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