by,Jonathan morton

Robert Walton is exploring the arctic for glory and a trade. as his exploring he's writing letters to his sister

Robert comes across a sledge with a man and one dog. after getting the man on board the strange ask Robert where his he is heading towards.Robert told him that his heading north. the man was delighted with this answer. the starnge man tells Robert that his name is victor and begins to tell him his story

victor started his story telling about his parents exploring franc and Germany

victor's parents come across a small house with five kids and two peasants. victor's parents adopt a young blonde hair girl around victors age.victor and this young girl named Elizabeth quickly become best friends   

victor comes across old books written by Albertus magnus. they were filled with science in hand with magic to hopefully understand nature and god better. this books took hold of victor

when victor reach the age of seventeen, his parents sent him to the university of ingolstadt. he met m.waldan who became victor's teacher

Elizabeth caught the scarlet fever. victor's mom was told not to help but she didn't listen and treated her. Elizabeth was cured, but victor's mm caught it and it was her killer  

victor becomes interested in the human form and begins creating the monster

victor Finnish his monster and is disgusted by it and runs

victors younger brother, William  was found dead and Justine is blamed for his death and is put to death herself.

the monster finds victor and tells him his story of the de lacy family and that he wants a companion.

victor agrees and goes to Ireland with Henry to start creating the companion for the monster. halfway though his work victor thinks about if his new creation wont like the monster and he destroys his creation while the monster watches. the next day Henry is found dead and victor charged with murder.

victor is dropped of the charges and returns to genvia to marry Elizabeth. they stay at a inn, the the monster kills Elizabeth and victor begins his hunt for the monster.

Robert is forced to turn around and return to England. victor is very ill and dying and ask Robert to kill the monster if he sees him.the monster visits victors dead body and leaves to go end his life by the way of fire.

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