The best and the worst

This logo is one of my favorite because it is so clean. In addition, it simplistic. The design of it catches my eyes. I love the technique and effort took toward creating this logo. It is simply amazing.

I like this logo because it is modern and sleek. It is very professional and it catches my eyes. The colors vary and blend together to form a great logo.

Who doesn't like Starbucks? This logo is very interesting. The text is warped, the designs are clean and unique, and the overall logo design is very incredible. The green and black colors pop.

I like the AT&T logo because its very modern and sleek. The blue and white/silver look stunning together. The AT&T logo represents the world in my eyes. The larger we grow, the more technology that evolves.

The Pepsi logo looks very clean and simplistic. The red white and blue are very patriotic colors, which I like when blended together.

This logo looks like something from the 1990s! They need to update this logo to look more modern so more eyes can be turned.

I do not like the Windows logo because it doesn't look real professional to me. It looks like a logo made to target little kid. There's simply too much detail and not enough creativity with that detail.

I don't like this logo because of the font used for the "Y." If the font was better, I would probably like it.

This logo looks like one targeted at little kids to me. I really do not like the fonts used.

What is this... The 1990s? This logo should be updated to keep in the standards of modern day designs.