Cyber Security Field Trip:
Mike Good's Lecture

By: Robbin Lee

Mike Good from Cisco was our first speaker on our Cyber Security Field Trip and talked to us a lot about upcoming technologies that will be available for us in the near future. One that really interested me was the network concept that links all devices (school and privately owned) into one central network. This brings the new promise of regulating what's going on in the digital world of school, which can catch and deter cheaters and people who look up inappropriate stuff (such as porn, violent games, etc.). Although this new invention may be filled with promises of regulating inappropriate content flowing into schools' cyberspace, there are some flaws to it and risks.

The biggest and the most realistic risk is what happens if someone has the audacity and stupidity to plant a virus into the school's network, supposedly as a "prank"? The school's technology will be covered by the school, but what about the students'/teachers' private devices who have also been infected with the virus? The school can simply pull a "oh, we're sorry but we're not liable or responsible blah blah blah". Although Mike tells us that's the case with every Wifi that we connect to, I will feel more accountable if I get infected on my own Wifi than if I get infected on the school's Wifi.

Another flaw I thought of is the invasion of privacy. School all across the US have been charged with multiple accounts of privacy violation of students under intangible rumors and/or evidence. SHHS has also had a history of these kind of charges and had tons of complaints from angry parents. Students will complain too, about how their rights of privacy are being violated and that there's no line that determines what's appropriate and what's inappropriate. I believe this new network setup and the new policy of registering and monitoring private devices will just put more fuel into the fire. As a counter-response, Mike tell us that we're on school grounds, therefore we must abide the school's rule. True, but tell that to a ticked off parent whose kid got kicked out of school for looking up what school calls "inappropriate content".

All in all, Mike Goodman taught us about the new and innovative inventions that Cisco is making, how much cyber security has grown, and how much the world is changing technologically. It was very interesting and informative.

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