Laozi is the first philosopher of Chinese Daoism. Daoism is living a simple life with nature. He was the author of "Daodejing" or "Tao Te Ching". The book had about 5000 characters. He was a well respected and effective leader. If you were to be punished, your punishment wouldn't be as harsh as with other philosophies.

This symbol is called the "Yin Yang" . It means, "the belief that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary." ( Yin means, "passive, negative force" and Yang, "active, positive force".

Respect. In Daoism, everyone lives a simple lifestyle and respects one another. They also live with nature. Respect is a big part of Daoism because if you don't have it, you most likely will be punished.

This symbol is called the "Eight Trigrams" or also known as "Bagua". These eight symbols hold deep meaning in Chinese philosophy. It represents movement and change, and natural occurring processes.

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