Fashion - to Cut or Not Cut Your Hair?

There is a trend set by Hollywood socialite Amber Rose. This Kanye West ex is one of the most popular women with very short hair. She pulled off the look 100 per cent. There is a tendency by some girls in Uganda to try and copy that trend. Before you ask the barber to turn your thick mane grown over years into a few locks on your scalp, you need to ask yourself whether you are really ready or not.

I suggest for starters, you go back in time to your old photos and look back at the years you had really short hair. Do you think you still have what it takes to look like that? Some of us have heads shaped like the map of Africa. It was easy to overlook it as a kid but do you want to expose it now?

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A lot of insecurities are hidden in that beautiful curly hair people see. Many people can judge how well one is doing by looking at their hair. How accurate that is, I do not know.

There is a point when women get tired of the salon visits, chemicals and the painful process of plaiting hair. A break is a big welcome.

You need to know how low you can go before visiting the barber. If you are not the young hippy type, the safest bet is what we have come to know as the Janet cut. That calls for having a lot of growth before trimming.

Woe unto you if you ask anybody's opinion first, however. Most people will love that you keep the look they are used to. It is better you pull a surprise on them after you have made up your mind.

Whether you choose the Janet cut or make the fashion statement with Amber Rose's hairline, wear it proudly.

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