Are you living in New York and looking for a job to express your creativity?
If so, we have the job for you!

Floral Design

Floral Designers have the opportunity to create beautiful and fun masterpieces everyday out of gorgeous flowers. Florists also get to help people bring their celebrations, such as weddings,baby showers, or anniversaries, together. Flowers seem to always bring a smile to people's faces, and now you can bring the smiles too!

Lots of fun along with a great salary

Right here in New York, New York floral designers have a median salary of $55,731 a year! In New York we do have some very prestigious clientele which contribute to a high annual salary.  


Floral Design education can vary, some florists simply only have a high school diploma, but to make more money and to be more successful in this city you should have taken floral design courses in either a two year junior college or a four year university.


There are several skills necessary to become a great florist. One is attention to detail to make sure orders come out correctly. Another is creativity so you can help design arrangements that will please the customers. Patience is another key skill because sometimes it takes awhile to make things look how they should


Many things are used in the constructing of floral designs but the main one is the flowers! You will be able to pick flowers that will look nice for different events. You will also be able to choose vases and ribbons to match! Also sharp knifes and pointy metal are used so you would need to be cautious at times!


Hours for a florist really depend on how successful you want to be. If you are looking to make more money, you will have to dedicate more time. This time spent; however, should be enjoyable and fun!

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