Christopher Paolini

This song corresponds because all eragon wants to do is fight. Saphira his dragon helps him do whatever he needs to do and stays out of the way. His dragon was his life now so he will stop at nothing.

Eragon had to break free and let his fears go and face them. His dragon got him to belive that he could do it. Eragon wanted to be a rider but people kept saying they didn't exist.

Eragons uncle/father died in an explosion at a young age. His cousin/brother didn't know that his father had died. He was on a trip in another land.

Eragon had to holding on for life to inspire him. When his uncle died he stopped at nothing to fight. He loved him since he was little because his father and mother disappered.

This song is from the movie and goes along well. It goes along with the story line. Beacause its from the movie it goes perfect with the book to.

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2 years ago

What in the world is your book about? I like how the songs sound like they connct with the book!

2 years ago

i saw this movie a couple days ago