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Craig Duling - A Successful CEO

In his capacity as its president and chief executive officer, Craig Duling leads Heritage Management Services, Inc., a business and property management firm based in San Francisco. His responsibilities include overseeing and mentoring senior executives as well as formulating and implementing the business’ strategic plan. Before accepting his current position, Craig Duling served as an engineer with Lockheed Missiles and Space Company in Sunnyvale, California. While there, he worked on projects sponsored by the United States Armed Forces.

When not working, Craig Duling enjoys coin collecting, a hobby he has pursued since childhood. He belongs to the American Numismatic Association and owns very rare American coins. Besides coins, he collects pocket watches as a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.

A family man, Mr. Duling vacations with his wife and two children each summer in Hawaii, where he likes to surf. He also enjoys playing baseball with his children.

For nearly three decades, Craig Duling has led San Francisco's Heritage Management Services, Inc., as president and chief executive officer. Outside of work, Craig Duling supports nonprofit organizations like the Equine Rescue Center and Sanctuary (ERC).

In February 2014 Watsonville, California’s ERC, an animal welfare organization dedicated to the rescue and care of abused, abandoned, and neglected horses, received a critical donation from Atherton-based philanthropist Craig Duling. A lifelong horse lover and supporter of animal rights, Mr. Duling began working with the ERC after the organization lost its lease.

A search immediately began for a new ERC location. Thanks to a generous 400-acre ranch in San Benito County and Mr. Duling's $1 million donation, the ERC was able to relocate more than 70 animals that would have otherwise been destroyed. Instead, the horses will be rehabilitated at the new ranch and in the future placed with adoptive owners.

Despite the donation, the ERC is still in need of contributions in order to continue serving the 100,000 horses sent to slaughter houses throughout North America every year. To donate, visit