Craig Hooson

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About Craig Hooson

An experienced finance executive, Craig Hooson serves as an interim chief financial officer (CFO) with Tatum LLC in Atlanta. His work with the business management and accounting firm involves operational transformation, with a focus on utilizing cash-flow analysis to streamline service functions. He worked with the manufacturing and distribution firm in restructuring a major division that was experiencing financial issues and other obstacles.

Craig Hooson also has recent experience as Director of Reporting, Controller and Divisional Finance CFO with Connecticut based Chemtura, Craig Hooson was based in Atlanta with the Chemtrua AgroSolutions global business.

Mr. Hooson completed his Master’s in Finance at The Johns Hopkins University, Maryland and his MBA at Pepperdine University, California. He spent several years with MedImmune Biologics (now part of AstraZeneca plc) as Accounting Director and becoming promoted to Senior Director.

Craig Hooson subsequently served as vice president of finance with the Maryland biotech company Emergent BioSolutions Inc. His financial efforts helped prepare the firm for a successful S-1 filing and initial public offering. Craig Hooson also oversaw the development of the biotech’s treasury management, accounting, and budget process functions.                            

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