Craig Stocksleger

Pursuing Excellence in Finance Recruitment

About Craig Stocksleger

Evaluating, recruiting, and placing executive talent in the finance world has been Craig Stocksleger’s professional passion for more than a decade. An executive recruiter for capital market professionals since 2001, Craig Stocksleger has hired and placed talent at both ends of the recruitment spectrum, working aggressively to find and secure talented finance professionals for clients of his firms as well as his agencies’ own placement teams.

Craig Stocksleger began his executive recruitment career with Integrated Management Resources, LLC, where he worked from 2001 to 2006. Since then, he has run his own agency, Comprehensive Recruiting, based in Tempe, Arizona. He provides strategic direction to the firm, works to evaluate and place capital market professionals for agency clients, and develops recruitment teams for different finance specialty areas. Mr. Stocksleger holds a BA in Finance from the University of Iowa at Iowa City.

When he is not recruiting and placing talent in the world of finance and capital markets, Craig Stocksleger pursues a variety of personal interests from sports to world travel. Mr. Stocksleger follows teams at the collegiate level (including his own alma mater) as well as at the professional level, with a special interest in the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. He participates in a range of outdoor activities, such as running, mountain biking, and fishing. Additionally, Mr. Stocksleger enjoys traveling to major world cities and capitals, particularly in Europe: destinations he has visited include London, Paris, Berlin, Monaco, Rome, and Lucerne.

What Is Fixed Income Research?

Craig Stocksleger, owner of Comprehensive Recruiting, combines technology with experience in the financial industry to collaborate and consult in executive searches of the financial markets. Each team member at Comprehensive Recruiting has several areas of focus, and one of Craig Stocksleger’s focus areas is fixed income research.

A fixed income researcher, sometimes called a fixed income analyst, looks at different securities and trends in the market to make a determination on whether investors will get their money back. Fixed income researchers follow a debt security to ascertain the value of its debt and give advice based on their findings. They also watch securities for any changes that might occur.

There are two kinds of securities researchers: equity researchers (dealing with stocks and their issuers) and fixed income researchers (dealing with bonds and their issuers). A fixed income security is a type of investment that provides fixed regular payments with the principle being returned at the maturity date. The payment can come in several different forms: dividends on stock, coupon payments, or interest payments. The rate is fixed at the time of purchase. Because this type of security often comes with lower risk, it also comes with a lower payment than variable income securities.

Fixed income securities can also be purchased in a few different forms. Investors can choose Treasury bonds, stocks that come with a stated dividend rate, or certificates of deposit (also called CDs). Fixed income securities generally provide lower returns because the risk is lower, but they do guarantee the investor’s income.

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