My Results On "Do You What You Are"
Erica Bullard

People like you are friendly, creative, and confident. Since you love to talk and tell engaging stories, you have lots of friends and acquaintances and are pretty easy to get to know. You love being in the spotlight and especially enjoy entertaining others with your clever wit and unusual sense of humor. You probably have little trouble adapting to change, and most people admire your adaptability. You pride yourself on your creativity and ability to see possibilities where other people can't. You grasp new ideas quickly and enjoy learning new things, but are easily distracted and tend to get bored as soon as the challenge in a project is over. While you are easy going and playful, it is often a struggle for you to make decisions or commit to one plan of action for any extended period of time since you are so curious and eager to experience as much of life as you can.

You are also a very logical person and are bothered by inconsistencies and unfairness. You love a spirited debate - regardless of the topic - but can sometimes be argumentative. Your spontaneity and enthusiasm is infectious, and other people often want to follow your lead. Since you like starting things much more than you enjoy finishing them, you often have trouble slowing down, preparing carefully, and following through with your commitments. Luckily, you are great at improvising and get a real sense of excitement from pulling things off at the last minute. You are also an excellent negotiator and can usually convince or charm other people into letting you have your way, or one more chance!

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