Create a Private Chat Stream for your friends or your school

Use Stream to connect with educators, talk with students or friends, get feedback and more. Keep the conversation going by sharing thoughts and resources in a fun, interactive way!

Follow these steps:

Step 1:  Go to and click the Green New Steam Button

Step 2:  Add at least 1 person from the group you will create to get the stream started.  That person needs to be on Tackk already and have an account.

Step 3:  Title the Stream so people who get invited know what it's about.  Some people are in multiple streams so this is important.

Step 4:  Invite the rest of your friends/group by clicking 'add people'

Note:  You can invite by email address or by Tackk username

Don't forget to Click 'ADD TO STREAM' to add users to this private chat

Step 5: Start Chatting!  It's private and only those users you've invited can see the chat

Pro Tip:  The little green dot by their profile picture means they are on Tackk right now!

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