How to create a campus Tackkboard.


Tackk vs. Tackkboard

First, a terminology lesson! A TACKK is a singular flyer, page or poster you create from the editor. Choose a theme, add your content, click Finish and BAM! You have a Tackk. A TACKKBOARD is a collection of Tackks. You collect Tackks using category tags, like events, free pizza, intramurals or campus name (i.e., Ohio State).

1. How to add Tackks to your campus Tackkboard.

  1. Let's stick with the Ohio State example. Create a Tackk for the English Department's Meet Your Major Night event.
  2. When you're done, add it to the university's Tackkboard. Tag it "Ohio State."
  3. Want to help people find it? Adding more categories, like English, events... FREE FOOD!

Click FINISH and your Tackk appears on the Ohio State Tackkboard. You'll also find it when filtering for English department Tackks, events and, of course, free food. Tagging with a specific term adds your Tackk to the board of the same name.

2. No campus Tackkboard? Start one!

In the example above, the Ohio State Tackkboard already existed. But if your college doesn't already have one, all you need to start one is a keyboard. No, really.

Let's say you go to Boston University. Once you add the tag "Boston University" to your Tackk, you have created your campus' Tackkboard. That's it!

3. Tackkboard, created! Now what?

Share the crap out of it and get the whole campus on board! Invite your newspaper and university newsletter to use the campus Tackkboard as the default community bulletin board. Help student government, student organizations and resident life start tackking their flyers. Contact central marketing and communications with your bright idea. Be the person who started Tackk on your campus, baby!