Creating and Designing Newsletters and Publications

Where to Start?

When planning and designing a newsletter, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1.  Who is my audience?
2. What format are you going to use?
3.  Will it be emailed?  If so consider options for web browser.
4. Keep it focused.
5. Give it personality - keep it simple, but at it quick glance, make sure it reflects your
6. Section Headings and story titles - short, but attention grabbing.

General Design Tips

Here are some general design tips when creating newsletters.  These are by no means set in stone, just some to keep in mind.

  • Speed up process
  • Decide your format
  • Take advantage of wizards
  • Give it some personality, some
  • Minimize colors
  • Use images & videos
  • Stay regular
  • Test it out!

Tools to Use

Using your desktop computer, try Microsoft Publisher - built in templates, emails nicely.

Online options:
1. SMORE - add links, videos, text, pictures, and more.  Emails nicely, receive analytics.
                   Negatives - limited to 4 SMORES for free.
2. TACKK - create a one-page online webpage. Add links, video, text, pictures,    
                 customize  your URL and much more.
                 Negatives - doesn't display well in emails.