Creative Geniuses At Work

Tony Hawk at a local skate park in the 1980s ("You gonna learn today!")
The young Beastie Boys - fighting for their right to party.
Pablo Picasso in his home studio.
Johnny Cash performs at Folsom Prison.
Nikola Tesla in his super cool lab.
Bill Watterson drawing Calvin and Hobbes.
Stanley Kubrick sneaks a photo over Jack Nicholson's shoulder.
Salvador Dalí paints an abstract portrait of 25-year-old Raquel Welch.
Nat King Cole plays the organ
Ella Fitzgerald sings for Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman (1948).
Tom Waits jumping around - probably euphoric about the badass music he is capable of writing.
Young Bob Dylan playing for a small crowd
Louis Armstrong serenades his wife at the Sphinx