Welcome to Creative Creatures. The place where my pupils get to show off the wonderful work they have done in their creative writing and reading classes.

My name is Wilfred Berkhof and I am an English teacher at Pantarijn in Kesteren. Pantarijn is a secondary school which offers to full range of educational levels for the junior years, from basis/kader to havo/vwo.

Apart from teaching ...

The book we will be using this year is Stepping Stones 2t/hv (4th edition). Our aim is to finish chapters one to five this year. We will be using Stepping Stones mainly to learn new vocabulary and grammar rules and structures.

Throughout the year we will be reading a number of non-fictional texts, short stories and books. You will learn:

  • How a story is build and what story elements there are.
  • How to do a character study of a book character.
  • What the 'Hero's Journey' is and how to recognise its parts in stories.
  • An awful lot of new English words and phrases.
  • Why reading books is such absolute fun!

Creative writing will take up a large part of our lessons.