Being Creative - A Perspective

“Spend your life doing strange things with weird people.” — Unknown

Looking at life from different perspectives sounds simple and easy. We know it isn't which is why we all spend so much time struggling with change. Changing our behaviour is seriously tough.

We get caught up in the way we think and miss so many opportunities to grow or experience things afresh. Taking the view that every second of every day should be an opportunity to learn and grow - and in some small way - it would quite literally change the world.

“The world is beautiful but not sayable. That’s why we need art.” — Charles Simic

Design, art and creativity are all confusing ideas and carry wide definitions but at the root of it all they are all mechanisms for change - they provoke energy in us and that is at the beginning. It's those triggers that enable us to challenge convention and begin that journey to something new.

To clarify, add detail. Imagine that.

Edward Tufte said that clutter and overload are not attributes of information, they are failures of design. If the information is in chaos, don¹t start throwing out information, instead fix the design."

Sadly we seem to spend more time fixing what went wrong than planning ahead. We are either over optimistic that things will just work, we hate planning or something in between. In truth we need more understanding of the bigger picture than we seem to have the appetite for.

The 'Lickable' Product

We've all lived through the Apple years.

Everyone of us overtly or secretly admires the way they make everything look. Inside and out. Because all their competitors have scrambled to imitate the visual and the utility of what Apple has done we now have a global benchmark for visual acceptability. Imitation being the sincerest form of competition and all that. That's become the new 'Art' of business,

“Art exists because life is not enough.” — Ferreira Gullar

So You Wanna Create?

“She paints, she reads and she lights things on fire.” — Benny & Joon

  1. Build a room that you can draw all over.
  2. Get all the smart folks you can find along - the ones with substance - those hankering after what's possible. Not the proven negative and persistently cynical bastards - never humour their negative energy - there's too much of it already. We don't need it for progress.
  3. Ego is OK but that optimistic kind. The 'can do' and will do people - not those slimeball venomously arrogant types that piss all over your tortillas.
  4. Remember that conflict and challenge isn't negative - you have to be comfortable with that. Challenge causes the brain to fire up its mojo - magic happens.
  5. Work at a sharp clip. Move it along. Keep questions flowing alongside real coffee - not that bilge that 95% of the business world serves up. What is that about?
  6. Keep drawing but filter the debate - trap the actual ideas. There's no bad idea - there just isn't. Every idea provokes another one and that can turn bad ideas into better ones.
  7. Generate humour. Find the balance to get that release from the pain of absence - when it all feels uphill.

Draw breath - that's not easy.
Change the rhythm. Then stop.
Sleep. Walk. Sleepwalk.
Draw again.

“Either be groovy or leave, man.” — Bob Dylan

We Are All Beginning To Know What Good Looks Like

The world has now developed an expert appreciation of what makes a good product, service and experience. We know what stuff has to look and work like. We're talking about every category and at all levels of experience - there's now an app for that.

We need to bring creative utility to how we think and work.

“Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it.” — Claude Monet