Geek in the House at CR Recap!

Thank you so much for sharing, learning and exploring with me! It was a great day. But it doesn't have to STOP! This tool is called tackk and it allows for collaboration. Use the comment feature below to add questions, additions or whatever floats your boat.

The above image was made with If you are a Tweet please follow me @StantonShelly for random tips and tricks!

Did you know there are several teachers in your school using the LMS (Learning Management System) Edmodo? It's a great way to share lesson plans, have online discussions, give formative & sumative assessments and more. Check it out at

Google calendar is a great way to share your lesson plans and to keep your life in order. Check with any TILT member, Shena or Lori to see how you can streamline your classroom by creating a calendar just for your class or simply embed it on your website and no longer will you get the question "What did we do yesterday?" or  "What are we doing tomorrow?"

Take care of that computer!
Youtube has been a bit funky in Chrome, try Firefox!

Did you know that Todd Nevin is going to do something like this? Say what? Holy augmentation!

Did you know you can insert an action button and then a video in the Mimio Studio software? I didn't! Thanks Bill Baumann for beefing up my Mimio skills.

Post it notes, Keep or Tasks in Gmail. Use what works for you. Shelly's favorite is Tasks, Ann likes Calendar and some like Keep....use what works for you!  

Shorten any URL fast! Calendar, Google Doc, Google Site, whatevs!

Thank you! There is so much more I learned and you shared but above are some highlights!