By: Cheyenne Hiebner



Tally Youngblood is 15 and anxiously waiting to turn 16, because when they turn 16, they turn Pretty, but all goes wrong when she meets Shay. Shay doesn't want to turn Pretty and instead she goes off to a place called The Smoke. Before she leaves she offers to bring Tally along, but Tally desperately wants to turn Pretty. Shay gives Tally directions she could only understand and leaves.

When its Tally's day to turn Pretty, the Specials pick her up and take her to Special Circumstances. There Dr. Cable tells her that if she wants to turn, she has to go find Shay and press the tracker, so that they can come pick them up and destroy The Smoke.

When she gets there David and his parents tell Tally that not only does the surgery to turn make your appearance change, but also you mind. They are called lesions. They make you happy all the time and make you forget why you did what you did when you were and ugly. Tally doesn't want to put off the tracker so she destroys it instead. She doesn't know that by doing this she is setting of the tracker. Special Circumstances come and take away The Smoke, but Tally and David Escape.

Tally and David want to get all there friends back to they break into Special Circumstances. After they do, Tally goes to become Pretty, because Shay is now Pretty, and David's mom thinks she has a cure for Pretty's minds.


Four Questions

Question 1. What Character played important roles?

Tally Youngblood: Main character; she has to go on many adventures to find out what she really wants

Shay: Tally's best friend; when she goes to the Smoke she causes trouble for Tally and in the end turns pretty.

David and his parents: One of the Smoke leaders; without David and his parents, there would be no Smoke.

Question 2. Is this book part of a series?

Yes: Ulgies, Pretties, and Specials

Question 3. What did I enjoy about the book?

I enjoy books about struggling governments. In this book, the government is struggling to keep the people that there is only one way to be happy, and that is to be Pretty. Since the people have grown up thinking this way, the young uglies become eyes are open when they get to the Smoke and realize that there is more to life than just being Pretty and bubbly.

Question 4. Was the ending satisfactory?

I though the end of the book was perfect. Because it was part of a series, it lead perfectly into the the second book Pretties.


Scott Westerfeld

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