Texas A&M Health Science Center

                     Transforming Health

                          Mascot : Reveille

                        History and Origin

---Texas A&M Health Science Center was founded in 1999.

---The Health Science Center is another branch to Texas A&M that allows all health related entries/majors to be combined into one school. The founding academic units included the College of Medicine, Baylor College of Dentistry, Institute of Bio sciences and Technology, and the then-proposed School of Rural Public Health, Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy, and the College of Nursing.

---Texas Health Science Center is dedicated to addressing health care needs through forward think medical research.

--The health science center operates eight campuses located in Bryan-College Station, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, Kingsville, McAllen, Round Rock and Temple. Because there are so many campuses that are located in different areas this allows for team training that is the common goal for transforming health.

                               Fight Song

Texas A&M HSC
Helping to find a great career you can foresee
Pick a career ! Go On ! But let me tell you its not free
Work to Work so you can be what you foresee
Doctors and more Doctors to help you learn how to set your patients free
There are many Aggies here for you so just talk and just be
Because here at the HSC we can help you get where you need to be

                      Admission Requirements

SAT Critical Reading: 390 / 500
SAT Math: 420 / 530
SAT Writing: - / -
ACT Composite: 17 / 22
ACT English: 15 / 21
ACT Math: 17 / 23

Prerequisites Needed
English Composition I & II                            6
Calculus I                                                       3
Statistics                                                       3
Speech Communication                                 3
General Biology I & II /Labs                          8
College Physics I /Lab                                    4
General Chemistry I & II /Labs                      8
Organic Chemistry I & II /Labs                      8
Microbiology /Lab                                         4
Molecular Biology / Genetics                      3-4

Minimum Hours

Art, Music, Theater, other Visual or Performing Arts                                                      3
Humanities, Literature, Philosophy, Modern or Classical
Language/Literature, Anthropology, Geography, or Cultural Studies                           4-6
Sociology, Psychology, Economics or Computer Science                                                3
History, U.S. and Texas                                                                                                     6
Political Science, U.S. and Texas                                                                                      6

Minimum Hours 22-24

                         Tuition and Costs

   Tuition and Fees
                         MS-1             MS-2              MS-3             MS-4
Resident Tuition                            $12,780        $12,780          $12,780       $12,780
Fees                                                 $3,652          $3,652             $3,652         $3,652
Total Tuition and Fees                   $16,432        $16,432           $16,432      $16,432

Estimated Expenses
                    MS-1             MS-2             MS-3                MS-4
Room and Board                        $14,014        $12,613        $16,817           $15,415
Books and Supplies                     $3,300           $2,682          $3,616              $1,256
Travel                                           $2,945           $2,651          $3,535              $3,240
Misc & Personal Expenses*         $6,270           $5,644          $7,524              $6,898
Total Cost of Attendance             $42,961       $40,022         $47,924           $43,241

*Includes medical insurance
Non-Texas resident tuition is $29,521 per year. Schedule of fees and estimated expenses same for residents and non-residents.

                           Campus Life

The night before every football game, thousands of Aggies and visitors go to Kyle Field at midnight to practice the yells and songs that will help them beat their opponent the next day. This event is known as the ''Midnight Yell'' and it is a tradition that they have been doing since 1931.

                 Degree Plan : Pre-Pharmacy

Requirements for Degree :
Major Core : Pre-Pharmacy/UG

  1. Communication --->  Select 6 hours from the following for communication classes
          ____COMM 1611
          ____RWS 1301
          ____RWS 1302
          ____RWS 1601
   2. American History ---> Complete Both
          ____HIST 1301
          ____HIST 1302

  3. Language, Philosophy, and Culture ---> Select a course from :
         ____ENGL 2311
         ____ENGL 2312
         ____ENGL 2313 
         ____ENGL 2314 
         ____ENGL 2318
         ____FREN 2322
         ____HIST 2301
         ____HIST 2302
         ____PHIL 1301
         ____PHIL 2306
         ____RS 1301
         ____SPAN 2340
         ____WS 2300
         ____WS 2350

  4. Mathematics  ----> Select a course from
        ____MATH 1319
        ____MATH 1320
        ____MATH 1411
        ____MATH 1508
        ____MATH 2301
        ____MATH 2326
        ____STAT 1380
        ____STAT 2480

  5. Life and Physical Sciences - Lab
           Complete a lab from the options listed for Life and Physical Sciences

  6. Life and Physical Sciences ---> Select six hours from the following
       ____ASTR 1107
       ____ASTR 1307
       ____ASTR 1308
       ____BIOL 1103
      ____BIOL 1104
       ____BIOL 1107
       ____CHEM 1105
      ____CHEM 1106
      ____CHEM 1305
      ____ESCI 1101
      ____ESCI 1102
      ____ESCI 1301
      ____GEOG 1106
      ____GEOG 1306
      ____GEOG 1103
      ____HSCI 2302
      ____HSCI 2303
      ____MICR 2330
      ____PHYS 1403
      ____PHYS 1404
      ____PHYS 2420

7. Political Science
     Complete POLS 2310 & 2311

8. Social and Behavioral Sciences  ----> Select a course from :
      ____ANTH 1301,
      ____ANTH 1302
      ____CE 2326
      ____COMM 2350
      ____ECON 2303
      ____EDPC 1301
      ____EDU 1342
      ____LING 2320
      ____PSYC 1301

9. Creative Arts ---> Select a course from :
       ____ART 1300
       ____ARTH 1305
       ____DANC 1304
       ____FILM 1390
       ____MUSL 1321

Pre-Pharmacy Prerequisites :
   All courses listed below are required:
BIOL 1107
| BIOL 1108 | BIOL 1305 | BIOL 1306 | BIOL 2111 | BIOL 2311 | BIOL 3320 | CHEM 1105 | CHEM 1106 | CHEM 1305 | CHEM 1306 | CIS 2320 | ECON 2303 | MATH 1411 | PHYS 1403
       --Pharmacist make about 80,000 to 100,000 a year
       -- Some pharmacist work part time, but most of them work long hours about 40-50 hours a               week, they often work weekend and evenings
     -- Pharmacists are health practitioners who specialize in dispensing drugs. They must know the composition and side effects of certain drugs. It is mandatory that pharmacist look at patient history and double check what the doctor prescribed is safe for the patient to take. 

                             Cover Letter

Dr. Thomas Carol Carol-Smith Pharmacy
Second Street
Summer Ville, TX 00024

Dear Dr. Carol,

        I am interested in applying for a pharmacist position at Carol-Smith Pharmacy. As a 2025 graduate of Texas A&M Health Science Center, I have a Medical Degree in Pharmacy and have had experience at ''Family Pharmacy in Houston, TX.
      Currently, I am still in school going for my doctorate in Pharmacy, but since I already own a pharmacy degree I would like to start working again. At the time I was employed at Family Pharmacy in Houston, I was a per-pharmacy graduate and working as a pharmacist tech. Being employed here, showed me the reality of working in a pharmacy and what it entails.
      Learning and really experiencing what it was like in a real pharmacy, I instantly fell in love. This then resulted in me going back to college the earn a actual degree as a Pharmacist.
      Now that I have my degree and can take that step up from being a pharmacist tech, I would really like the opportunity to be a part of Carol-Smith Pharmacy. Yes, I am still in school striving for my doctorate, but I will make an initiative to balance out my schooling and my job.
Thank You



Breanna McDonald
2420 Monkey Lane
Summer Ville, TX 02424
222-242-4444 (h)
222-042-4444 (c)

                  Letter Of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I highly recommend the admission of Breanna D. McDonald into the Texas Tech Health Sciences University. I believe that she is a positive role model and will excel specifically in the health sciences area.

Breanna is extremely intelligent, hard-working, and very dedicated to what she is doing. She takes a major interest in science, medicine and wanting to help others. I know that she is curious and always willing to learn, a few traits that make up an extraordinary student, like herself. As mentioned before, Breanna takes a significant interest in anything involving science. Throughout her high school years she was enrolled in Principles of Biomedical Science classes that have also helped her become very knowledgeable in that area. I believe that she would make an excellent Pharmacist when her studies are complete, all that is needed is the opportunity to learn.

I know that Ms.McDonald will continue to work hard and conquer anything with the positive attitude that she is known for. I realize that she is more than capable of completing her courses and will greatly benefit from the university. If you would like to discuss more about Breanna, please feel free to contact me through email at importantperson01@gmail.com, or over the phone at (915)123-4567.


Iris Ortega



                                                              Breanna McDonald

                1002 Monkey Drive El Paso, Texas 79924  (915)-123-4567 Email@email.com                 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Work Experience

2011 to Present
Family Pharmacy El Paso, TX
-Giving out medication to patients
  -Distributing and preparing the drugs
  -Reviewing prescriptions and other orders on computer
  -Maintained purchases
  -Giving advice to patients and nurses about a certain medication/drug

2008 to 2011
University Medical Center (UMC) El Paso, TX
Clinical Pharmacist
Reviewing drug orders for safety and correctness
  -Creating records of care provided to patients
  -Providing medication to the standards of the patient
  -Working with a team of health professionals

2005 to 2008
Family Health Pharmacy
Pharmacy Tech

  -Package and Label prescriptions
  -Organize inventory and tell Pharmacist to any shortages of a certain medication
  -Answer phone calls from patients Arrange for customers to speak with pharmacist if customers have questions about medication or anything health related
  -Measure amounts of medication prescribed

Master's in Pharmacy, 2005
Texas A&M Health Science Center

License / Certification / Registration
Registered Pharmacist from Houston # 1000 Active License in Texas

Persuasive Essay

    Ever since I was a little kid, I have always loved science. When I was little I remember always making my older cousins play ''Doctor''. I would make them be my patients and I would help them feel better. It was when I became older, like about 12, that I was sure I wanted to be in the medical field.
    After looking at so many jobs in the medical field, my favorite careers had been narrowed down to a dermatologist, pharmacist, pediatrician, and a dentist. I was about 13 or 14 when I decided this and I was so happy to have an idea as to where I was going.
    In middle school, my love of science grew when participated in my school science fair. My project was in medicine and health sciences and I won 1st place in the school wide science fair, which resulted in myself going to the district science fair. Once I had gotten the results for the district science fair, I had won first place in medicine and health sciences. Ever since then I participated and won the sciences fairs throughout middle school and high school.
    Putting my love of science aside, I want to be in the medical field so I can help people and make a difference. In these types of careers you have to be very cautious and precise with what you are doing because you are dealing with people's lives. Not only are dealing with your patient, but also your patients family. They are depending on you to do the best you can in order to make them better. It would be such an honor and my dream to help people when they feel like they are not doing so well.
    Another reason I have always wanted to be in the medical field is because of my dad. My dad is a cardiac nurse and he works so hard to make sure all of his patients are healthy and comfortable. Ever since I can remember, he has always told me stories about his patients and how he works under pressure and tries his hardest to make them heal.
  My dream is to work in a hospital. Preferably, as a pharmacist, but if I were to become a surgeon or plastic surgeon or even a cardiac nurse like my dad, I would still be 100% happy and blessed. I really believe that if I attend Texas A&M Health Science Center I can make my dream come true and make a difference in the world.

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