Crime Shows In India Continue To Rain on Television

When you were a teenager, you may have had very few TV channels and shows to watch. Most of you may have preferred cartoons, and to certain extent reality shows like dance shows. Even your parents may be tuned to watch the typical ‘Saas-Bahu’ melodrama, or the romantic comedies, which were brought in by the inception of television.

However, recent years have seen a shift in viewers’ choices owing to the launch of several crime shows. One of the popular crime shows, Crime Patrol, has now become a favourite of numerous teenagers and adults. People in general love the element of curiosity, whether it is showed in a romantic story, or whether it is portrayed in crime mysteries. Where romantic soap operas failed to capture this element, the crime shows revolve explicitly around them.

Shows like Crime patrol readily narrate true life crimes happening in the society. The screenplay is twisted in such a manner that the audience is left curious about the next move carried by Police. The motto of this show is simple, “Crime never pays.” On the same grounds, another show called Gumrah is marking a tremendous response among the teens and youth.

Gumrah narrates real-life incidents about teens, who are victimized by crime occurring in the family, society, college, or school. Some of the most shocking stories are revealed on this show, which showcases the end of innocence among youngsters, owing to criminal tendencies.

One more show, which deals to spread awareness about crime in society, is Savdhaan India. This show also films real-life crime cases, but also portrays the justice received. The aim of this show is to spread a word about the disparities of our society. These shows are meant for social awareness.

Still, shows like CID promise a fair cup of entertainment to the curious viewers. Lately, there are many shows, which are seen pouring on local TV channels, based on the theme mentioned in the above shows.