Mamma Mia! Set Design

Set Designer Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson was born in Darwin on the 12th of April 1957. Mark had a success career as a sculptor in 1975. Not only is Mark a set designer he is also a costume designer, painter, ceramic sculptor he ha also designed some operas. His theatre career started in 1984, he has designed over 70 productions. From 2000-2002 then again in 2006 Mark designed the New Years Eve celebrations in Sydney. In 1991, 1992 and 1994 Mark won the Laurence Oliver Award for Best Set Designer. The Laurence Oliver Award is annually by The Society of London Theatre as a sign of recognition of their achievements.

Some productions Mark Thompson has designed (sets and costumes):

-Mamma Mia! (production designer)

-Charlie and The Chocolate factory (set and costumes)

-Madness of King George (costumes)

-Macbeth and the Queen of spades (set) (opera)

Some of Mark Thompson's achievements:

-Two 'London Critics Circle Theatre Awards' (1990 and 1994) (best designer)

-Four 'Laurence Oliver Theatre Awards' (1991, 2 in 1992 and 1994) (Best set designer and Best costume designer)

-Nominated for three 'Laurence Oliver Awards' (1997, 1999 and 2003) (Best set designer 2 times and Best costume designer)

-Nominated for two 'Tony Awards' (1995 and 2004) (Best scenic designer and Best costume)


viewed on Saturday 12th October

viewed on Saturday 12th October

viewed on Wednesday 9th October and Saturday 12th October

viewed on Saturday 12th October

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