BY Phillip Richardson,jr.

the earth's atmosphere  has five layers in it. Troposphere, thermosphere, exosphere, mesosphere , stratosphere are the  five layers that protect us from getting hit  with  a meteor. so lets think about what they do and mean.

let  us start out with troposphere. That is the lowest layer in the atmosphere.It starts at the earth's surface and goes up to a height of 7 to 20 km.

now lets start out with stratosphere. It is the second layer in the atmosphere.The top of the stratosphere occurs 50 km altitude and the boundary between stratosphere and mesosphere is stratopause.

The next one we are going to do is mesosphere. It is  above the ......

  • stratosphere.The mesosphere starts at 50 km above earth's surface and goes up to 85 km high.

now we are going to do thermosphere .It is directly above the mesosphere layer,and below the exosphere. It extends about 90 km to between 500,to 1,000 km. The boundary  between this one and mesosphere  is called mesopause.

The exosphere is the highest  and it becomes very thin. The region  where atoms and molecules escape into space is referred to as the exosphere.

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