Marjorie Joyner Invents NEW Way To STRAIGHTEN HAIR!!

By: Jocelynn Acosta

Chicago IL,-1928- Supervisor for walker beauty schools invents a machine that will change the way you style hair forever!

    "If I can take pot roast rods and have a one-of-a-kind invention, believe me, people can do what they set their minds to."said Marjorie Joyner,the inventor of the permanent wave machine.

   The permanent wave machine this machine could be the biggest advancement in the way you do you hair with waves and curls that lasts for days,and curling that only lasts for five minutes you will not be able to resist.

   She says she got her idea watching pot roast cook. The paper rods used to cook the roast are the same ones you use to curl the hair.

" I hook the rods to a table over their head and they curl the hair." Marjorie explains."this way you don't have to put the curlers in then sit under a dryer."

But hurry because you don't want to be the last one in line!

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