Magnesium Sulfate

By Jack Cropper

My chemical information

Magnesium Sulfate is often times nicknamed Epsom Salts. Their is a place in Epsom, England, where Epsom salt was founded, it was found in a spring water pool which a farmer noticed his cattle wouldn’t drink out of this specific pool of water. So, the farmer tried a drink of the water and noted that it was extremely bitter and it wasn’t suitable for drinking. The reason the water was bitter was because of the Magnesium Sulfate. The chemical compound for this chemical is MgSO4 (one Magnesium, one Sulfur, and four Oxygen). Magnesium Sulfate is also good and impacts our lives today is if you have soar feet, to soak your feet in a bowl of water and magnesium sulfate to make your feet feel better.

My response to the question, "What role does an element, particle, atom, and molecule have in the relationship of your chemical formula?" Would be, they all make up the substance. Each atom, particle, element, and molecule are each others building blocks. Once we get far enough into the process we get a full substance which we usually see today.

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