Olympics Project - Cross Country Skiing

By: Chris D. Vaughan and Alex J. Prottengeier

Cross Country Skiing is a sport that was recently played in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Wondering what Cross Country Skiing was exactly, we did some research about some of the facts about the Skiing sport.

History of Cross Country Skiing:

- Vikings are considered the first people to perform Cross Country Skiing, even though it is also said that the sport started in the Norwegian areas.

- The skis that were used in the sport were created in various regions, all with some difference in each of the skis.

- Cross Country Skiing became a competitive sport in the 18th Century, where before it was a way to get across snow- covered terrain.

- The sport was introduced the Men in the 1924 Olympics and Women in the 1954 Olympics.

- Modern bindings that are used come from the Fennoscandian region.

- Modern skis that are used come from the Lapps.

- Cross Country is believed to be the oldest type of skiing.

- The sport was fully developed in the 19th Century.

Where Cross Country Skiing is Played

- Cross Country Skiing is mainly played on a snow covered terrain.

- The course is sometimes sloped, but can also be flat.

- The method of skiing is used to travel fairly quickly.

Players in Cross Country Skiing:

- There are usually 16 players total, and the players are divided into groups of 4.

- The top 2 players in each group advance to the next level.

- Players keep being eliminated until there are 4 finalists, in which they will all go to a battle to win first place.

Positions in Cross Country Skiing:

Classical Type:

- The players have to stay in a set parallel area to reach the goal.

- Players use a straight stride when skiing.

- This type is similar to the Ski exercising machines.

Freestyle Type:

- Usually faster than the Classical type of skiing.

- Players push off with their skis to start off.

- This type is reminiscent of Speed Skating.

Equipment used in Cross Country Skiing:

- Bindings

- Snow Boots

- Poles

- Skis

- Wax

- Snow suits

Medals won in the 2014 Olympics for Cross Country Skiing:

Gold Medals won:

- Norway/5

- Sweden/2

- Switzerland/2

- Russian Fed./1

- Finland/1

- Poland/1

Silver Medals Won:

- Norway/2

- Sweden/5

- Russian Fed./3

- Finland/2

Bronze Medals Won:

- Norway/4

- Sweden/4

- Russian Fed./1

- France/1

- Germany/1

- Slovenia/1

Total Medals Won:

- Norway/11

- Sweden/11

- Switzerland/2

- Russian Fed./2

- Finland/3

- Poland/1

- France/1

- Germany/1

- Slovenia/1


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