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Alternate Response:  Any Day! (Teacher's Approval)

Topic: "CNN Student News Response"

Whenever you want to do an extra entry, or there is not a daily-specific topic below, please click the CNN Student News Button above.  Choose any article from the video and create a journal entry about it.  You can write about your opinion on these topics, how they affect you, your family, or your community, or about how you feel when you heard about it.  Make sure you reference the date of the video you reference and the specific topic/article you are writing about.  Good Luck

Saturday, June 26th, 2015

Topic: "Rainy Day"

Today was rainy and it was nice to be inside!

Todays Website: Random Acts Of Literacy

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Topic: Preview of "Glen's Village" (A Story Of Hope)

Use the following links to view the entire program of "Glen's Village".  Discuss the differences and similarities his story may have to your lives.  Write a paragraph or two about something that might "save" you in your near future, and a little about the path you want to be on in your life!

Click Each Link To Watch:     [Trailer]   [Episode 1]     [Episode 2]     [Episode 3]

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Topic: "Preparation for Interviews Next Week"

Crossroads@Meade CS Website Resume Link


Today, during Advisory, students will be issued an appointment card for next week.  
Mr. Rosado will be conducting interviews for EVERY student. This interview is part of the class grade for Computer Science. Students must dress for an interview, bring copies of the Crossroads Application, Working Papers Application, and a current Resume! Appointment cards will note the date and time of the appointment downstairs. Interviews are scheduled for the following classes:

  • Monday - LaSalle
  • Tuesday - Penn
  • Wednesday - Villanova
  • Thursday - Temple
  • Friday - Drexel

Additionally, a class picture and individual portraits will be taken for the yearbook. Students not properly dressed, or prepared, will not be allowed to interview. Students who miss their day will not be offered the ability to "make it up" unless they have a valid excused absence.



JOB INTERVIEW TIPS ARTICLE (About.Com)         Youtube Video With Interview Tips

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Topic:  "Glen's Village"

Please read the following story in "The Notebook" and write about your goals and dreams in light of the story of this fantastic young man!  (Click Here For Article)

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Topic:  "Music Unites Us All!"

Watch the video below and write in your journal about a time when music united you with someone you did not really hang out with.  You could also describe a time when music "moved" you or sparked emotions you were not ready for.  Really think about how music impacts everyone.

Wednesday:  April 15th, 2015

Topic:  "Jail-Time For Cheating?"

Please take a few minutes to review the article listed at the following link:

CNN.COM "Prison Time For Some Atlanta Educators!"

Discuss your feelings about whether these educators deserved the sentences that were handed to them.  Create a journal entry about your conversation.

Friday:  27 March 2015

Topic: "Classy Talent"

Watch these incredible students and the music they make.  Think about the talents you have that you could share with the world.  Write about it!  Then get with Mr. Southerton, Mr. Rosado, or someone here and ask to be in the upcoming show!  - Break A Leg!

Thursday: 26 March 2015

Topic: "Eat Healthy Today"

Watch the video below and discuss with the class how you can eat healthy today!  Write a paragraph that outlines your plan to eat healthier from now on!

Wednesday:  25 March 2015

Topic: "Self-Esteem"

Watch the video together as a class and summarize your view of yourself.  How can you improve your self-esteem?  Write about your personal reflection.

Tuesday:  24 March 2015

Topic: "Failure Is Key"

Watch the video below and discuss in class how you have failed in your life.  Try to see how that has made you stronger!  Write about it!

Monday:  23 March 2015

Topic: "Pep Talk"

" The Path That Leads To Awesome!"  Watch the video below as a class and discuss how you are on the road to "Awesome"!  Write a paragraph about your journey so far, and include a description of your roadmap to finish this year strong.  Try to set at least one realistic goal to help you today, one for this week, and one for the future!  Good Luck!

Friday:  20 March 2015

Topic: "Do A Little Good"

Watch the video and think about the small sacrifices that are made by the main character.  Discuss the following with your class:  Every day you make tiny choices on the way you will live.  The way you think about others, the way you see yourself in the world around you.  Do you see the REAL you, or are you trying to see yourself through what others see you as?  Try to make a small difference for someone today.  It does not have to be some heroic act, just simply find a way to help someone with something.  Do this every day and see you much better the immediate world around you gets.  Write in your Journal about the effect this could cause is we all thought about others, no matter who, first!  Have a good weekend!

Thursday:  19 March 2015

Topic: "What Is Your Talent?"

It is not magic that makes us who we are, it is a combination of genetics, surroundings, and our own abilities and interests.  Watch the video and try to see why Chase Adams is one of the best basketball players in the 7th Grade (Chicago-Area).  Think about your gifts and abilities for a moment.  What skill or ability to you possess.  How can you help yourself develop it enough to make a video like this?  Describe what that video would look like in your Journal Post today.  Be as detailed as possible.  Describe your ability or skill, where it came from (if you know), what you have done to learn more about it or improve it, and how would you make a video to show it off?

Tuesday: 17 March 2015

Topic: "Re-Charge Yourself"

What is the value of time off from school?  How do you recharge when you are not here?  What advice can you give others to help them leave the work at the workplace?  Write a response to these questions after watching the video below and discussing it in class.

Friday:  13 March 2015

Topic: "GO EAGLES"

Whatch the following video and write a Journal Entry about your favorite sport and why you love it!  Happy Friday!

Thursday:  12 March 2015

Topic:  "Advisory Teacher's Choice"

Today you will discuss any topic your Advisory Teacher chooses.  Please complete a journal entry about the classroom discussion today!  Enjoy the sunshine!

Wednesday:  11 March 2015

Topic: "Daylight Savings Time Nightmare"

Please view the following video:

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing!  Some people get depressed in the winter for lack of sunlight.  They go to school/work in the dark, and return home at dusk or during darkness.  After spending the day under florescent lights, there is a depression that may set in.  Think about how we just adjusted (SPRING FORWARD) our clocks and how it might be affecting you this week.  What can you do to shake off the "winter blues"?

Create a journal entry about how you deal with Daylight Savings Time or how you keep Seasonal Affective Disorder from bothering you.  Remember, we have 21 days until grades close on April 13th, and only 67 school days until summer vacation!  


Tuesday:  10 March 2015

Topic:  "What Did You Hear?"

Please view the following excerpt from  "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch at the following website:

Discuss as a class what the speaker was trying to say to you!  What message do you get from this lecture?  Create a journal entry about it for the remainder of the class time.

Additional Effort:  Look up other inspirational videos on topics that interest you sometime.  Present one to Mr. Scribner for use during the Advisory Period.  If it is used you will be given credit and Mr. S will buy you lunch (from the corner store) during an upcoming school day.

To Present A Topic For Advisory:  You must submit a an active link to a video.  You must also explain what students should do to discuss, review, and then journal about.  Create the assignment according to the following layout and submit it to Mr. S for approval and use.

Topic: "Out Of Control!"

Monday:  09 March 2015

Read the following article and write a paragraph or two in your journal about how you feel about the situation.  Discuss it in class and try to determine parallels to life here at Crossroads!  How do the things we say or post online affect what happens?  How can we be better citizens to each other, and online?

Police charge 2 teens with murder of 14-year-old girl Vanessa Araiza
Posted: 03/02/2015 12:43 PM

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Instead of picking out a dress for an upcoming ball, Alicia Rice is now planning the funeral of her 14-year-old daughter, Kierra'onna Rice.

"We miss her. We miss her so much. It's hard. It's hard now," said Keke's grandmother, Marilyn Rice.

Known as Keke to many, the teen was shot and later died after a fight was supposed to take place at a West End park on Friday night.

Police say Keke had been arguing with a group of girls over Facebook for a few weeks. After the girls started fighting in the park, police say two teenage males pulled out guns and began shooting at the girls.

Rice died from her injuries at Princeton Hospital, and two other victims were also shot. They were transported to UAB Hospital for treatment.

Police believe one of the shooters was dating one of the girls who was involved in the fight.

On Monday, Birmingham police identified the suspects as Antonio King, 17, and Jason Wade, 19, both of Birmingham.

King and Wade have each been charged with murder, first degree assault and second degree assault. They are being held in the Jefferson County Jail on bonds of $3 million each.

Alicia Rice said she knew about the bullying but said she would have never allowed her daughter to go to the park.

"I called her and I said, 'Go home.' She said, 'I'm going home Momma.' She text [sic] me and said, 'Momma, I'm sorry. But I got to fight this girl one more time.' That's what she told me. She didn't tell me where she was when she hung up. And text [sic] me and said, 'I got to fight her one more time, not one more time but I have to fight her and go and get it over with,'" Alicia recalled.

Alicia said the bond between her and her daughter was strong. She thinks peer pressure led to Friday's fight.

"I think this is just the one time where somebody just convinced her just to come on, you need to prove yourself. Get this over with," Keke's aunt, Tyanna Rice, said.

"She said, 'I love you so much and I'm going to call you right back.' But before I could get that call back her mama was calling me and telling me that she was gone," said Keke's boyfriend of two years, Javonte Hurst.

Along with Keke's mom, Hurst also tried to convince her not to go to the park. He hopes her death will make teens think twice if they're put in a similar situation.

"Put down the weapons. Everyone has had some type of back and forth to say with each other. Why kill them over just words?" Hurst said.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Keke's funeral expenses. You can find the page here:

As of Monday morning, the GoFundMe account had raised more than $5,000 of a $10,000 goal.

There will also be a candlelight vigil for Keke on Sunday, March 8 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Railroad Park.

Copyright 2015 WBRC. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, 04 March 2015

Topic: "Pattern Identification"

Many things in Mathematics are discovered through patterns. Our daily lives are filled with patterns; patterns on tiles on the floor, patterns in flowers in nature.  List and explain (1-2 Sentences) at least 3 patterns that you have noticed in the last 24 hours.  Make sure you suggest the mathematical equation, for at least one, that might explain the pattern.

Example Pattern
Floor Tiles In Classrooms are 9 x 9 (Inches) and there are approximately 48 accross and 31 down per classroom. 

Area of classroom would be 48(9) x 31(9)=Area  or 432 x 279 = A

A=120,528 inches  or 837 ft2

Height x Length = Square Footage
Square Footage = Square Feet = SqFt = Sq.Ft. = sq.ft. = ft2

Tuesday: 03 March 2015

Topic: "Your Horoscope?"

Read the horoscopes for today!  Comment in your journal if you believe in horoscopes or not, and how your horoscope today could be true or not.  Explain how you feel after reading it!

Friday: 27 February 2015

Topic: "What Color Is The Dress?"

View The Following Video As A Class:

Discuss the science behind why we see what we see together briefly.  Write about how different people see different colors and why.  Be specific about the science behind the controversy!  Make sure you include a description of what you see and why.  Complete your entry with some thoughts about how technology has an impact on the way this story got out and is now spreading world-wide.

The Dress:

Thursday: 26 February 2015

Topic:  "How Will You Live Your Dreams?"

Watch The Following Video (

Write a paragraph about how you will change the way you fight for your dreams starting right now!  How can you plant, nurture and grow your dream starting today!

Tuesday:  24 February 2015

Topic:  "Dream A Little Bigger!"

Reflect with the class about yesterday's presentation by Mr. Rosado.  He spoke about sports, entertainment, acting, productions, and other activities he is involved with.  How do you want to be a part of his program.  Discuss as a group what ideas you heard that appealed to you.  Imagine you could use the gifts you have to help improve yourself.  What part would you want to play in one of his events and why?  Be specific about what kind of career, that working with Mr. Rosado, you might be preparing for.  Write a complete paragraph as described below.  Good Luck!  

Monday: 23 February 2015

Topic: "What Could You Present To Your Peers?"

Today you should take some time to think about that one skill, interest, or ability you have that makes you special!  Try to narrow down what you might be able to do, or know, that you could teach to someone else.  Your homework for the weekend is to create a SINGLE SLIDE PRESENTATION (you can only use one slide so be creative) on your GOOGLE DRIVE about that knowledge, skill or ability.  Post a link to your presentation on the Crossroads Google+ Community Page (Ask Mr. S if you are not sure where this is).  For today, please write a short journal entry describing your knowlege, skill or ability that you can share, and describe why you should be the one to share it!  Be specific about how you found out about your gift, and how sharing will benefit someone else!  See the informational weblink below for more information on how to make a "15-minute presentation" for help!  Have a nice weekend!

Thursday:  19 February 2015

Topic:  "Am I Doing Everything I Can To Help Myself?"

Today you will discuss, as a class, all the things that you are doing to make your time here effective for yourself and your peers.  Create a short (Single Paragraph) in your journal about how you are doing everything you can to be successful!  Be specific about the steps you are taking to complete work, work with others, and show respect for your opportunity here!

Tuesday:  10 February 2015

Topic:  "What Music Inspires You?"

What music inspires you — whether to create things, or toexercise, study, pursue a hobby or just to feel good in general?

In the multimedia piece “Instrumentation as Inspiration,” you can listen to songs by everyone from Maroon 5 to Yo-Yo Ma. Here is what Rebecca Taylor says about the music she chooses:

"All of the songs on my list remind me of summertime, in the car driving with the windows down and the music blaring. The songs are optimistic and put you in the mood for a vacation in a tropical place… a bright but laid-back vibe."

And here is what Tracy Reese says:

"I like listening to thoughtful, layered, well-crafted songs; both deeply felt and expressed or insanely upbeat and motivating. The creative process of these artists inspires my own creative process, keeping me motivated, and focused on expressing my dreams."

Students: Give us your playlist for inspiration, then tell us why you chose it and what it inspires you to do, think about or fee. How important is music in your daily life in general? Why?

Excerpt From The New York Times:

Monday:  09 February 2015

Topic:  "When I Have Kids"

Please use the following prompt to write at least one 5-sentence paragraph:
"If and when I raise children, I'll never...(finish in your own words)"

Friday: 06 February 2015

Catch-Up Day In Advisory (Report Cards Are Coming Next Week!)

Add an entry about how Report Card Conferences make you feel!  Are you anxious, excited, happy or sad?  Make sure you write at least one complete paragraph to explain why you think Report Card Conferences are good or bad!

Thursday: 05 February 2015

Topic:  "Kid's Ipod Use In Taiwan"

Read the article listed below together as a class. Once you have read it, discuss it for a couple minutes in Advisory. Based on the reading and discussion, write a journal entry about your views about kids using portable electronics and defend your position with facts from the article or the discussion. You should have at least two facts to back up your argument.

"Why Taiwan is right to ban Ipads for Kids" by Jake Wallis Simons, for CNN
Updated 9:42 AM ET, Wed February 4, 2015

Wednesday:  04 February 2015

Topic:  "Expensive Clothes"

Read the article listed below together as a class.  Once you have read it, discuss it for a couple minutes in Advisory. Based on the reading and discussion, write a journal entry about your views of the clothing or fashion industry and defend your position with facts from the article or the discussion.  You should have at least two facts to back up your argument.

"Are Expensive Clothes Worth It?"  By ELISABETH LEAMY (Oct. 6, 2006)

Tuesday:  03 February 2015

Topic:  "Marking Period 2 Review"

Today you will reflect on your performance during the 2nd Marking Period.  Please write a paragraph about how you think you did.  List at least three things you are proud of, and three ways you can improve in during Marking Period 3.  Make sure to use complete sentences and proper grammar.  Good Luck!

Monday:  02 February 2015

Topic:  "Like A Girl" (Click Here To Watch Video)

Click the link to watch the video!  Then write a paragraph in your Advisory Journal about how watching this commercial made you feel.  Answer the following questions:  Why is this an important issue?   Why is the most expensive advertising (during the Super Bowl) the best way to spread this message?  Was it effective and a good use of the money?

"For young girls, confidence plummets during puberty and many never fully recover. Always is on an epic battle to end that by changing the meaning of the phrase #LikeAGirl from an insult to mean downright amazing things. It’s inspiring to us, knowing that our original film started to change perceptions. But that’s not enough. We need to reach more girls, women, boys and men—to spread the word big time.  Super Bowl XLIX is the perfect platform, allowing us to reach more than 100 million people, and to ask them to join our cause. Together, we can all empower our young girls, and change the meaning of #LikeAGirl to be the ultimate compliment."    Excerpt from Youtube Description, 2015

For more information click here:

29 January 2015  

Topic:  Why Keep A Journal?     [Click Here To View Video]

Today's Entry:  Please view the video link listed above and complete your first journal response.  Your journal topic for today is the Topic Title listed above.  You will need to write at lease 4-5 Sentences (One Paragraph) about why keeping a journal is important to you.  DO NOT JUST SAY IT IS NOT IMPORTANT!  Come up with a reason!  

28 January 2015

Today you will be introduced to your Advisory Journal.  Take a moment to think about things you can reflect on and create entries about.  Make sure that you review the items below to explain how to create an entry, why you are keeping a journal, and read all other instruction prior to starting your entries.  Good Luck!  - Crossroads Staff


Make sure that you have been given a composition book to keep as a journal.  Make sure that you review this entire website before writing in your journal for the first time.  Make sure that you review the style and entry requirements for each post that are listed below.  Keep in mind that this is YOUR Advisory Journal.  The only people required to see it are you and your Advisory Teacher, or other staff member, simply for grading purposes.  While the content is important to you, we are simply looking for thoughtfulness, correct structure and grammatical correctness.  Your opinions are your own, and you are entitled to them!  

"You Are Very Interesting, Have Fun An Be Creative!"  - Advisory Staff

Instructions For Keeping Your Advisory Journal

All students will keep a hand-written Advisory Journal in class. You will not remove the journal from the Advisory Classroom for any reason. This journal will be given to you each morning for you to record the following items:

Each day there will be a reading prompt, video, discussion or some other presentation designed and given to ignite your thoughts about a topic. The topics can be provided by staff, students, current events or other sources. Every student is responsible to complete 80% or more of the prompts listed above. Additional entries may be added from personal experience, other topics in school or our community, or as an additional remedial assignment from a staff member. These journals are private to the extent that only staff members may read the entries, and only comments based on form and function will be communicated back to the student. A grade for your Advisory Journal will be given to your A+ Reading Instructor for inclusion to this grade. The Advisory Journal is worth 25% of your Marking Period Grade for 8th Grade Reading. Additional credit can be given by individual instructors as they deem necessary or appropriate.

All posts should follow the following format (unless instructed otherwise):

Date: Topic Title (Centered On Top Of Entry)

Body of Entry (Paragraph or other items)

Learning Objective (Explain in a sentence or two what you learned by journaling about this topic)

List of any partners you worked with (if instructions required it)

Do not waste paper or space, leave a line blank and continue the next entry directly below the previous one.

See Reference Example Below
(Handwritten In Your Journal Of Course)

27 January 2014: Why Keep A Journal?
I think is is important to keep a journal because it allows me to express my thoughts privately about different topics. I like to discuss things in a group and collaborate with my classmates, but keeping a journal will help me to define my opinions on the topics presented before I discuss them with my friends. I will also be able to keep a history of some of my thoughts about this program. I am also glad I will be improving my reading, writing and communication skills with these tasks. Overall, everyone should be interested to participate in this assignment. I am looking forward to reading this journal in a few years to see if my opinions and perspectives have changed, for better or worse.
(No Partners)

Writing A Paragraph Instructions:

Make sure to use proper grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. See below for instructions and a link to help you:

"Writing A Good Paragraph"

It's important to learn how to write a good paragraph. Look below to learn about how to write a paragraph.  Every good paragraph has the following:

Topic sentence (Opening sentence)

A topic sentence tells what your paragraph will be about.  It is the first sentence.

Supporting sentences (3 or more)

Supporting sentences add details.  Each sentence is about your topic.

Ending sentence (Closing sentence)

This sentence closes your paragraph.  Restate your topic sentence or close it in another way.

Example Paragraph

<Topic>My dog Tia is the best dog!<Topic> <Supporting>She is a black lab and is getting old. Tia is 10 years old and her birthday is July 10. She lives outside in her kennel and doesn’t come in the house. Tia loves to get out of her kennel and race around the yard and play. She also likes to play fetch with the tennis ball. Tia absolutely loves to jump in the lake or pond. But be careful when she gets out and shakes though!<Supporting> <Ending>My dog Tia is a very good dog.<Ending>

Useful Links Of Interest

Why Is This Site Here?

This website is designed specifically to present topics for reflection/journal during our Advisory period.  Each day you will be instructed to read and article, view a short video, or respond to a question on a topic of significance to your teachers or fellow students.  If you have a suggestion for a future topic, please contact Mr. Scribner at  You can also leave feedback about topics, this site, advisory, or anything else below.  Please comment often and provide facts to back up your thoughts whenever possible.  As always, we respect each other's opinions and points of view.  Be responsible and mature when publishing anything online, and all posts should include your school Gmail address for responses.  

ALL ITEMS POSTED HERE FALL UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA and Crossroads@Meade INTERNET SAFETY POLICIES!  ANY VIOLATION OF RESPONSIBLE ETIQUETTE, School Use of Technology Equipment, or of the Online Responsibility Policy will be grounds for DISCIPLINARY ACTION according to School District of Philadelphia and Crossroads@Meade Policy and Procedures.

Send Feedback To Mr. Scribner:

Fill Out The Form Below To Send An Email Comment To Mr. S:

Use The Comment Stream Below To Express Your Thoughts About The Topics Above, Tell Everyone What You Think, Or Post A Link Of Interest That Is Related To A Topic Above!  Make Sure You Add Your School Gmail Address For A Response!