college project #ACESL3

1. Letter of Intent

2. Embedded Video

3.College Aplications

4.Letter of Recomendation

5. Presentation/ prezi

6.FAFSA Form (paper copy)

Letter of Intent 

Hello my name is Valeria Renteria and, I am a freshmen at El Dorado High School and I'm interested  in joining  Stand  Ford university and the reason I want to go to Stand Ford  are that I been interested in architecture and nursing and I was looking at your website and I saw that you have real good programs ,and I want to have a good career and I think is best for me to go to your university

The reasons I want to go to this university is because I want to make my family proud and show them that I actually made it , I have good grades , and I have a real high GPA and I'm very hard working , I never give up I always work hard to raise my grade up and if i go to this university I'll try my best to get a career either of architecture or Nursing

Letter of Recommendation

I am pleased to recommend Valeria Renteria because I had known her for 5 years I think that Valeria should go to your school

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