The Dangers of Eating Disorders

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There are three types of Eating Disorders

>Anorexia Nervosa

>Bulimia Nervosa

>Compulsive Eating Disorder

The symptoms of Eating Disorder

Not wanting to eat or pretending not to be hungry

A fear of gaining weight

A negative or distorted self-image

Doing more exercise

Flat mood or no emotion


Fear of eating in public

Not wanting to be around people

Thin appearance

Trouble sleeping

The diagnosis of Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are diagnosed based on signs, symptoms and eating habits.

The cause of Eating Disorder is unknown

Eating disorder typically starts around fours years of age however it can also start at middle age or later in life.The best treatment is psychotherapy or psychological counseling with careful attention to medical and nutritional needs.

eating disorder cannot be prevented

My Sources

The Everything Parent’s Guide to Eating Disorders by Angie Best-Boss

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