Mr. Hsieh's Beginner Chinese
week 1

Greater KC Chinese Association
Sundays, 1:30 - 3:45 P.M.
Notre Dame de Sion Room 213
106th and Wornall

Welcome!  My goals for this class are: 1. learn to speak a lot of useful Chinese, 2. have a lot of fun, 3.  learn to read a lot of Chinese , 4. learn to write some Chinese, 5. learn how to learn some Chinese on your own (for the older students.)

Review Material

1.  Last Sunday, we have learned how to name some facial features and body parts: eyes, nose, mouth, hands, ears, head and foot. We have also made them into a song.  Here is a YouTube version made by my high school students: YouTube: Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Hands...Song (click the link once, and click the 'http:\\ 'link in the pop-up bar)

2.  We have also learned how to count from 1 - 10 in Chinese.

         YouTube: singing 1-10 in Chinese (Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Please bring the following items to school every week:

1. a water bottle / drinking cup (spill-proof).  The high school drinking fountains are too tall for our younger students.  

2. a backpack or tote bag large enough to hold workbooks, textbooks, pocket folders.  I have got a pocket folder for everyone that I will hand out next week.  I may also hand out   a textbook and workbook as well.  

3. a pencil or pen

Volunteers Needed

1. Classroom Parents needed:  I will need two parents  staying in our classroom every week.  Those happy faces in the picture have many needs during our learning time, and I can certainly use a hand.  The Grumans and the Barkers have agreed to serve as the volunteers next Sunday. I will have a sign-up sheet in the classroom for you to be the classroom parents: it will average out to be twice a semester.

2.  Snacks: I ask that the weekly volunteering parents bring a snack and drink for every student.  We will have 16 (one more student has enrolled since the picture was taken.)  The food item needs to be non-messy i.e. no apple sauce, no fruit cup, etc.  On one in this class has any known food allergies.

Next Week's Learning

We will review what we have learned last time, and learn how to say :

  • Where is/are my friend(s), at here,
  • 'UNO' colors: yellow, blue, red, and green
  • Hello, good bye, thank you, please
  • a new Chinese song "The Fishing Song" [bai lang tao tao]


Q:  What about writing?  Are we going to learn how to write Chinese?

Yes, learning how to write the Chinese orthographic characters is a part of the curriculum. I plan to start writing beginning on 4th week (Sep 21st.)

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