Katelyn Kingsbury | World History

         Jerusalem was important to the Muslims dearly. They thought it was important for them to defend it because it was considered the "holy city". It actually is called the "holy city" in many different faiths. Jerusalem is perhaps the only city in the world that is considered historically and spiritually significant to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. To the Muslims, Jerusalem is important because Muhammed visited Jerusalem during his night journey and ascension (called Isra' and Mi'rai). The angel Gabriel had taken the prophet from the mosque in Mecca to the one in Jerusalem. The Muslims are also documented in the Quran and the Muhammad gave several accounts relating the importance of Jerusalem. There are lots of evidence relating to that topic.

             So, to the Muslims it was a very spiritual experience for them. It effected the group because they thought they were being invaded, that others were just trying to kill them because they were the ones invading. To the Muslim perspective, they were just trying to fight for their land, which is Jerusalem. To them they were defending Jerusalem, and the Jews were trying to kill them for no reason. The reason that Crusades started is when they had arrived and people thought they were invading, thus the start of a "Holy war". To the Jews it for their God and to the Muslims it was for more of its religion.

           Thus speaking, all people, the Jews, Muslims, Byzantines, etc. they all have their own perspectives on Jerusalem. Mostly for spiritual reasons, but for others its                                for economy, and others not so much.

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