The story is about a scientist who wants to win a contest. He is building a robot.  He has to try to make it be a super smart robot but when he put the robot on the roof to get struck by lightning  for a super charge, it struck but it didn't work.  The lights turned off and they were the only ones in the block with a power outage. I like the book so far because i like robots and it would be cool to hear about one. so far my favorite character is the scientist because he is funny when he does his evil laugh.

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3 years ago

Hi, Z. This is a very basic summary. Do you know the scientist's name? What will the robot's purpose be? Does he have something specific he will be able to do? How did the power outage affect the scientist or the robot? I would like to hear what you think about the characters so far. What kind of person is the scientist? What do you think of him so far? Can you explain what you read the book that make you feel that way? This needs to have some of your opinions in it, too.