using the 5000mw green laser

This can be a rewarding indoor game or outdoor game to play with your furry friend. Hide some CANIDAE treats or favorite toys around the house or yard, with the idea that these will be the prey. Then, using the 5000mw green laser , slowly lead your dog to discover the treats/prey.

If your dog susses out treats and toys as well as mine – I can’t even get in the door without them knowing and trying to investigate the bag – then you’ll want to start the game as soon as you let your pet into the room.

Laser Pointer do not point at things, they point on things. In fact, the term "laser pointer" is a misnomer. It is just a laser point. It does not produce a pointer, such as an arrow or a pointing hand. To highlight a feature with the laser you must overlap it with your extremely bright laser point, completely obscuring the feature as well as readjusting your eye's dynamic range to make the actual features on the slide harder to see. Laser pointer companies pride themselves in outdoing each other with brightness, and audiences are impressed by green laser pointers, the most distracting of all. This is missing the ... "point". When attempting to highlight punctate features the problem finds its ultimate aggravation (and don't get me started when laser pointing on color-merged puncta. Save our souls!). When a laser pointer is activated, its dot is invariably the brightest thing for your eye to look at. In summary, if you use a laser pointer, we in the audience see the laser dot. Not the thing you want us to see.

the first mini laser pointer below is a wireless presenter Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer , the setting of the USB port is especially being installed into the computer. You may plug the receiver into the USB port on a PC, then the LED indicator will start to blink, push either the down or up button for 1-2 seconds, the LED indicator will turn off, after done the above works, your mini laser pointer is going to begin your presentation now. The laser pointer can work with 10 meters away from your computer, so you may stay as far as possible to protect your eyesight.

500mw green laser are about the size of a Sharpie pen. There is a clip to easily attach the laser pointer securely to a bag or shirt pocket (or pocket protector!) so it is easy to find when you’re outside and trying to point out a constellation or star to someone else.

Green laser pointers are more than an easy-on-the-eye premium alternative to the more typical lecture aid, their red counterparts. A team of Israeli researchers has incorporated the green pointer into a portable system designed to detect tiny traces of hazardous materials cheaply and accurately.
Potential use of the technology, called Raman spectroscopy, which incorporates wookmark the pointer, extends to fieldwork on forensics.