Easy Photo Editing with PicMonkey

Hacking Images with Free Browser-Based App

I love PicMonkey most for its intuitive photo editing that does all the basics I used to need Photoshop for...freeing me up to be creative without worrying about layers, rasters, etc.

Students can easily edit and create new images with www.PicMonkey.com. Here's an example of an edited image that is fun and seasonal. Anyone can upload their photo and create a scary selfie for Halloween or Dia de los Muertos with some of the PicMonkey filters.

For this tutorial I used the PicMonkey Chrome browser extension to grab most of the screen shots, (except the one with the arrow pointing to the apple on the Basic Edit bar - I used the QSnap Chrome extension) and PicMonkey to edit them.

Just open the Edit option at www.PicMonkey.com and upload an image of yourself or anyone you want to "demonize" in the Editor.

Then choose the apple icon on the bottom of the left nav bar under Basic Edits.

Then choose one of the themes to apply scary effects to your photo. You don't have to stick with just one, you can mix effects from different themes. I used the Vampire theme for fangs, blood and the Zombie theme for eye circles.  But there are options for witches, demons, and Dia de los Muertos, too.

The effects are pretty easy to apply; just click on an effect and then click on your image where you want the effect applied. And if you don't like one, just click the Undo arrow or choose Cancel rather than saving your recent work. PicMonkey will also prompt you to save your work before you move on to a new effect.

It's easy to apply text over an image after you're done with the face effects. For text, go back to the Basic Edits options, and choose the T icon for text, then choose Add Text. I used the Dracula font here.

When you're done you can save the image to your computer or share it through social media or by email.

Use PicMonkey for any type of image editing, cropping, or basic color resolution. Students and teachers now have an easy, free photo editing app that doesn't need to be installed or downloaded to use!

TaDa!! Scary monsterpiece created!!

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