Bone cancer

How would you feel if you had bone cancer?

when your bones start to hurt sometimes it means you have bone cancer

a hurting bone

dont be happy if you have bone cancer because your bone could grow so big that it looks like a balloon

Things we learned from this graph.

1. most students feelt sad about bone cancer

2. almost no one picked happy and mad

3. a little bit of people choose mad

We picked bone cancer because we wanted to learn what bone cancer is and we wanted to find out if it has a cure.


Sciama: drugs lead to cancer,did you know terry fox had bone cancer, bone cancer could spread into your chest,14 million people died from bone cancer. their are about 8 million people who died because of this decease and 14 million people have it. if your body gives to much white blood cells it might fight the decease.

Here are some pictures of bone cancer