What is Mythology?
Mythology is the study of myths. Myths are stories about heroes, gods and goddesses that usually explain a human value or teaches how a human should behave. One group of myths are the Roman and Greek. They created myths to explain where mankind lives,the natural phenomena, the origin and live of gods, and to re-tell historic events.

Who was Hecate?
Hecate is the Greek goddess of magic. Her Roman form is called Trivia. She is the child of the titans Peres and Asteria. Hecate's sacred animals are a polecat and a she-dog.  This goddess  helped Demeter find Persephone when Hades took her.

Who was the Hydra?
The Hydra also known as the Lernean Hydra, is a multi-headed serpent. When you chop one of the heads off, one or two heads will grow back according to the version. This creature was mentioned in the Heracles  Myth. Heracles tried to kill  the beast by cutting off the  heads but they kept growing back. Finally, Heracles sliced off all the Hydra's heads and burned the necks so they couldn't grow back. HE lived in the swamps near Lerna in Argolis.

Myth:Athena and Poseidon's Contest for Athens
Poseidon and Athena both want to be the worshiped deity in Athens. They both present the city with a gift. Poseidon uses his trident to create a water sorce but it turned salty. Athena planted an olive tree. Athena's gift was better so she got the city named after her.

Modern Day Connections
People still write books about mythology and Greek and Roman gods such as Percy Jackson whic was also made into a movie. There are sons written about Venus and there was a space mission called Apollo are other examples of modern day connections.

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