Lets learn about Angelina
and Sarah Grimkè

By: Mamo Nash :)


Who were Angelina and Sarah Grimkè?

Angelina and Sarah Grimkè were abolitionists from a slave owning family in the south. They fought for equality for everyone by writing and speaking in front of all audiences. Even though they were raised in a southern luxurious lifestyle, they rejected that lifestyle in order to protest against important issues. They were the first to connect abolition and women's rights and the first to speak in front of a legislator.

Sarah Grimkè

Connection with Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Grimkè sisters are similar in many ways. They all were girls who were against slavery. They expressed their feelings against slavery in literature making their feelings available for everyone to see. They were also the same race, they were white. They also fought for slaves even though they are not slaves because of their past experiences.

The 'Appeal to the Christian Women of the South' was the first document that they wrote about the idea of Abolition and Women's Rights.

What is important about the sisters?

- They were born in a slave owning family in the south.

- They were the first to connect the Abolition idea with Women's Rights.

-They participated in public speaking and writing pamphlets, appeals and letters.

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