The Canadian Shield

One of Canada's most famous tourism spots!

The Canadian Shield is a great spot for hiking and camping in the summer for anyone! There are many activities you can do on the water such as canoeing, fishing, etc. This land form region is absolutely breathtaking and it's definitely something everyone should see at least once in a lifetime.


The climate of this region varies. In the winter months, the average temperature is -25 degrees (Celsius) and an average temperature in the summer is 10 degrees (Celsius). During the winter, this area receives sunlight for about 5.5 hours and during the summer, 18.8 hours of daylight. This is great for anyone who wants to go hiking and explore the area because they have a great amount of time to return to a safe spot before the sun goes down. Additionally, the temperature is perfectly in the middle meaning it's completely pleasant; not too warm and not too cold.


The natural landscape of the Canadian Shield is the formation of many different plates. This created a rough landscape that expanded over time.


The Canadian Shield is one of the oldest places on earth that can date back to 2.5-3 billion years ago. The shield was once mountains, over time they evolved and created something beautiful in nature. The Shield used to be active volcanoes, it has some of the oldest extinct volcanoes on the planet with over 150 volcanic belts that have eroded over time to create flat plains. Additionally, the rocks that are currently at the surface of the Canadian Shield used to be well underneath many layers of the earth.


The type of soil found in the lowlands of the Canadian Shield is the soggy and moist type of soil, suitable for planting trees and growing crops. Although, a majority of the soil doesn't have much to it and is just frozen ground all year long, also known as the "tundra". A large area of the Canadian Shield is covered in forests, mainly coniferous trees and plants. The southern part of the shield has a larger amount of trees and they're all closer together. As you move to the northern area, there aren't many trees because that is where the tundra is located and it's difficult to grow vegetation in soil that isn't healthy enough to keep plants alive.


Climate change will change the way the earth currently functions in the future in both positive and negative ways. The main point is, we will all have to adapt to the new climate where ever we are in the world. The Canadian Shield is one of the places that will really be affected by climate change because it is a large forest area in the southern parts. The climate in the south is already fairly warm so in the future it will definitely become warmer than it is right now. If the weather is extremely warm, it will result in natural forest fires and unfortunately, parts of the Canadian Shield's beauty will be destroyed. Additionally, it was mentioned before that the northern parts of the shield has the tundra covering a large area. If this tundra slightly melts, it will result in slight flooding issues that will expand over time. There are many ways that we can slow down the process of climate change to keep our planet healthy and bearable.


There are issues with acid rain damaging lakes and forests all across Canada and the Canadian Shield has a large part covered in forests and is near a large body of water. This could be an issue but these occurrences aren't often or constant at all. Additionally, storms build up on the North eastern parts of Canada and make there way across the country and they cause minimal damage but it's always mandatory that people are cautious about them.


In conclusion, the Canadian Shield is a breathtaking part of Canada that everybody should see. There are many activities for people to enjoy while visiting the area. Although, it will be affected by climate change in both positive and negative ways; we will have to join together as a nation to try and slow down the process of climate change so we can start taking better care of our planet. Areas like this will not be able to maintain their beauty for long when the world starts falling apart, so we have to take extra precautions with everything we do and think about how climate change will affect humanity in the long run.

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