TCEA 2015 Notes

tackk into Learning

No More PowerPoint Presentations
Make Your Presentations Interactive

Augmented Reality

Explore apps that teachers and students can use to create AR layers.

Augment Your Own Reality

YouTube in Education

iMovie for the iOS Device

Instructional Videos Using GarageBand

GarageBand 6.0.5, not the newer version, allows you to make enhanced podcasts.

Other programs that can be used are iMovie, Podcast Producer 2, or buy the older version of GarageBand in iLife"11 from Amazon for $40.

Record your iPhone or iPad with QuickTime

Digital Differentiation on the iPad

Implementing an Ed Tech Conference

Snow White, Dell Educational Trainer; Kathy Burbank, Lake Travis ISD; Rory Peacock, Director of Technology at Northwest ISD; Jason Spears, Fort Worth ISD; Andrea Winters, Clear Creek ISD

Rory: technology conference for students and teachers for many years.

Andrea: Director of Technology, started district wide last year and open to outside, 1st week of August 500 out of 3000 teachers

Jason, Coordinator for PD, 5th year: 1000 teachers and open to outside,