By: Jack v

Is a south american country bordoring brazil and peru. Quechua, Aymara and tupi are different languages spoken in bolivia because of the different people. The currencies in bolivia is a bolviano and one us dollar equals about 7 bolvianos and one bolivian dollar equals 14 cents in the us

Famous Places

Laguna Verde is an island surrounded by a salt lake which also has a huge mountain you can climb on for fun. Amboró National Park is also a great place to visit

This is Laguna Verde

Local Expressions and Map

Pajla- Bald

Macana- Bad luck

Hoy estoy yesca- today i am broke

Population- 10 million

Food And Drinks

Drinks- Lemoniade, Peanut juice, Cold peach cider ect.

Foods- Wheat, rice, potatoes, beef, pork and chicken


There are more than one geographies in this country including mountains,rainforests and grassland. Climate- in the winter it gets really cold with strong winds in the fall it is really dry around and in the summer it get real humid.


This is a bus stop in bolivia
Climbing mountain
The bolivian president
Bolivian City

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