Sonnet poem originated from Italy poet Giacomo Da Lentni was the creator of this type of poem called "Sonnet". A Sonnet is a four teen lined poem and it follows a rhyme scheme. The word Sonnet came from song because it is going to rhyme. There are many different types of Sonnets one of the most famous types of sonnets is the Shakespearean sonnet. Sonnets will be with us for a long time because the most famous poets wrote sonnets.     

I sing a sonnet for you,
to immortalize my love,
I sing a sonnet for you,
such ethereality as further memories,
such pureness as youth sights,
such beauty as smile's meaning,
I sing a sonnet for you,
to tell my infinite love after years,
may tomorrow be late,
I sing a sonnet for you...

nasibeh Daneshvar