Chrome Web Applications for Mobile-Learning

Applications that can be use in  An Elementary Classroom

Introduction: Technology has drastically improved through out the years. It has become a huge part of our everyday living. Even in schools now a days, technology has become an essential for learning. Because of the wide use and selections of applications and social networking Mobile- Learning/ M-Learning has become a new and enhanced way of learning and teaching students. There are many choices of M-Learning that you can choose from that will be suited for your classroom needs. As for me I chose five Web Applications from the Chrome store that I think would be useful for my students learning.

MeeGenius! Children's Books

This is a free application where teachers and parents can access picture book, and stories for young children. It has large selection of different stories with different genre which would allow children to have the flexibility to choose what stories they like to read depending on their interest. MeeGenius is definitely a good alternative for the traditional home reading books because it allows teachers and parents to monitor the child's progress when it comes with reading and comprehension.

MeeGenius is a good alternative for the old fashion home reading. This is very good because it is accessible in any type of devices available. It has an audio book feature also which is helpful for students who have difficulties reading. Other than the accessible feature of this app it is way cheaper for schools especially paper back cover books can get expensive.


CK-12 is another tool that I think would be useful  in my classroom. This is an application that provides resources for different  areas of study. It is a good resource for not only students but also to teachers and it allows students to learn the material at their own phase.

This application would be a good tool and extra resource for students that needs additional support. It is accessible in most of the devices in the market which would be a great way for students to learn at their own phase.


DOGOnews is an application that provides different and most recent news  and articles that relates with education and that is meant for kids. This allows students to become more aware on whats the latest news from different study fields such as sports, science, movie or books.

This is a great app that helps teachers to train their students to become more engage and have the habit of knowing the current events that is happening to the world. Other than that it is a great resource also for projects and it improves the students reading, critical thinking skills and comprehension.

Lucidchart for Education

This a useful tool that teachers and students can use in class. It allows you to make graphs, diagrams  and concept maps for projects and class activities. This is also great for making concept maps and analogies to be able for students to understand the important concepts of a certain topic.

Lucidchart is a great and easy to use tool in the classroom. This is helpful for students especially if  they are working on a project or a in class activity. This is also handy for making a reviewer for exams and test.


DuoLingo is a useful app for learning and practicing a language. There are six languages that are being offered by this app this are Spanish, English,French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. There are many activities that you can do to practice the language you are learning.

This app is useful for students that are learning a language for instance students that are in a french immersion school. Teachers can assign homework or activities in class using this app. It is very age friendly too wether the student is only a beginner or advanced this app will be very useful. Lastly teachers and parents can monitor the student's progress throughout the school year.

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