March 30 - April 3

I hope everyone has had an amazing Spring Break and has been able to spend some quality time with these precious kiddos!  I am looking forward to hearing stories of their adventures and getting hugs from my favorite 1st graders!

I am so excited about this week of learning!  Lots of new concepts being introduced that will strengthen your child's vocabulary and writing.  Don't forget to ask them about the new skills they've learned each day.

Unit 5 Week 4

  • Wonders - Sounds All Around
  • Essential Question: What sounds can you hear?  How are they made?
  • Phonics - Diphthongs: ou, ow
  • Grammar - Using "a" and "an" / Using "this" and "that"
  • Comprehension - Sentence Fluency and Opinion Writing
  • Math - Addition and Subtraction - Missing Parts & Telling Time
  • Science - New Plants

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