Galileo D.

7th Grade English Portfolio

My Portfolio Reflection

1. How would you describe your writing at the beginning of the year and how would you describe it now?

At the beginning of the year my writing was messy and not as descriptive. Now my writing is more organized and gives more detail and better points. I have improved a lot in my writing during this school year.

2. What do you consider your writing strengths? Explain.

I think my writing strengths are my content and now my word choice. If I want to do the writing a put a lot of feeling into my writing but if I don't, my writing doesn't seem genuine. I am not good at organizing my content.

3. What writing skills do you need and/or want to continue to develop next year? Explain

I would like to work on organizing my paragraphs. I wold also like to work on writing well even if I don't want to write. I could also improve on COPS.

4. What piece of writing from this year best captures your growth as a writer and thinker? Explain why.

This piece of writing was very brief and with not a lot of detail.  It was how I wrote at the beginning of the year. I have improved a lot since then and if I wrote it now it would be a lot better.
5. What piece of writing from this year are you most proud of? Explain why.

I m actually most proud of my Micro-memoir Perspective but it isn't done so I can't use it. My second most proud piece of writing is the Giver Essay. I understood it and I liked the topic so I wrote it well.

Artifact #1 - Personal Logo Essay

My name is Galileo, and playing baseball, making music, and having fun with my neighbors in “The Alley” are three passions of mine that help make me who I am. The first symbol in my logo is a baseball because I love to play baseball, especially center field. I am proud to have made the All-Star Team this past summer and enjoyed playing four innings in center field while making a sliding catch in our only game. During the season, I made a great diving catch and hit a two-run home run. Furthermore, during the fun Memorial Day tournament our team tied for first place. I helped us get there by making a sliding catch and pitching a nine-pitch, three-strikeout inning where the ball never touched their bats. The second symbol in my logo is a music note because I like to sing and play the piano. I have played the piano for seven years and have done Certificate of Merit, a hard program where you do a test and play pieces for the judge, for three years. It is satisfying once you are done because all your hard work pays off. In addition, I sang at Cantabile, a great coed choir, for a year in 4th grade and now sing in the Jordan Choir which is really enjoyable. The third symbol in my logo is “The Alley” because I live in a house with an alley out back and a lot of neighbors who are kids. My neighbors are Nick and Alex, who both enjoy baseball, Sarah and Andrea, who both like technology, and Eva, who likes animals and is mean. We often play amusing games like baseball, foursquare, and “butts up” in our driveway and The Alley almost every day. Another part of The Alley is our beautiful garden where we grow a lot of delicious fruits and vegetables. In The Alley, we are a big community and I feel happy to be there. In conclusion, playing baseball, making music, and enjoying The Alley are three important parts of me.

Artifact #2 - Giver Essay

The world in The Giver by Lois Lowry is a dystopia because the community kills babies and other people, acts like it is an everyday activity, and does not even know what it is doing.

The community kills people, calls it “releasing,” and they does not understand the concept of death. When Jonas recalls a scary memory of a plane flying over the community, he remembers that people take releasing very lightly, almost like a joke. “Desperately the Pilot had been trying to make his way back before his error was noticed. ‘NEEDLESS TO SAY, HE WILL BE RELEASED’, the voice had said, followed by silence. There was an ironic tone to that final message, as if the Speaker found it amusing” (4). This passage suggests that if someone makes one little mistake, one could get “released,” or killed. This demonstrates how the community is so corrupt and misled. The people think of releasing as a topic that is not to be talked about, but everybody thinks it is very funny anyway. They do not think they are doing anything wrong and treat it like it does not matter very much. It is unjust and horrible that the community kills people without knowing. Jonas watches a release of a poor twin from that morning when his father kills it with a lethal injection. His father is careful, neat, and emotionless through the first part and then, after he is done, he tells the dead baby goodbye. “His father loaded the carton containing the body into the chute and gave it a shove. ‘Bye-bye, little guy,’ Jonas heard his father say before he left the room” (141). After he unjustly kills the poor baby, he still talks to it like it is alive. He puts it down a garbage chute and still thinks everything is all right proving that he does not understand death or his gruesome actions. Jonas can now recognize death and so he sees the community as an unacceptable place to live.

In conclusion, Jonas makes the right choice to leave the community with Gabriel because his community is a horrible place. Also, Jonas definitely chooses correctly because he saves Gabriel’s life. His escape means that the community will get memories, rebel, and learn what real life is like, which includes understanding love, diversity, and making one’s own choices.

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