Chapter 2 Project

Ashley, Mr. Kirkland

Step 1

x is going to represent the number of Red Hot Sauce and y is the number of Scorchin Hot Sauce
The solution of the system is that we would have 1050 green peppers and 1200 chili peppers left over. It would also be 750 Green peppers left and 600 Hot chili Peppers.

The maximum profit is $255.00 dollars . Then i think we should make 150 pints of Red Hot Sauce and 75 pints of Scorchin' Hot Sauce

1 pint of tomato sauce with onions-$1.10 and the cost 1 green pepper would be .50 and the hot chili pepper would be .50
The price of making Red Hot Sauce is $2.50 and i would sell this product for $4.50
The price of making Scorchin Hot Sauce is $3.25 and i would sell this product for $4.50

We should produce 75 pints each week

The cost of making the sauces are the cost of the workers $70.00 and then per month for production place $80.00 and then $50.00 a week for fuel ad $150.00 a month for utilities and other need things.

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