Amelia Swatsenbarg

Kidnapping happens when kids aren't paying attention to their surroundings, adults are making wrong choices, and kids don't listen to their parents advice about not talking to strangers. Kidnapping generally happens to kids, hence kidnapping. Occasionally adults get kidnapped, but that only happens when someone busts into the house while the person is asleep and takes them then. But kids can be taken in broad daylight. Kidnapping can traumatize children, younger ones in particular, and scar them for life. The penalty for kidnapping is 5-99 or 2-20 years in jail. When adults get kidnapped, they generally get murdered, whereas when kids are kidnapped, they could be murdered, abused, used as servants, are shipped overseas to be slaves and servants. Kids that get abused while they were with the kidnapper might need therapy. Even though therapists and counselor can't do much, they might help the kid get over the incident half way so that they can get on with their life. People need to know about kidnapping and why it's not good because it puts innocent people in danger, hurts people physically and mentally, and can kill people that could be future leaders, or people that could be famous someday.

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3 years ago