by: Maddie, Jared, Sidney, Zach (Sparta4)

What is democracy? Democracy is the freedom to elect our own dictators. Democracy is a type of government in which the people of a country hold the power to rule by election representatives. Democracy is generally a system of government whereby the people have the power to make decisions and they can elect representatives.

One problem that immediately comes up in a democracy is who is going to be able to vote. Should people vote who are just visiting from some other city-states? How about little kids, should they vote? Or should there be some limits?

This song says we got the power.

Thats not all the definition of democracy is... ruled by the people. The earliest democracy in the world began in Athens, in 510 BC. When democracy proved to be successful in Athens, many other city-states chose it for their government too. But most of them allowed even fewer people to vote than Athens did: most of the other city-states only allowed free adult male citizens to vote IF they owned land or owned their own houses (that is, the richer people). We are a republic country. A republic is a country whose head of government is an elected or chosen president. Sometimes the president is also the head of state, for example the President of the United States. Presidents are usually elected for a specific length of time, called a term of office. In some countries a president may only serve a particular number of terms.

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