Top Ten Internet Safety Rules

  1. Never share out any personal information
  2. Never give out your password to anyone
  3. Don’t download or get anything at the random without your parent’s permission 
  4. Never post anything that you don’t want everybody to see because once you post it you can’t get it back
  5. Never meet up with people that you have met online
  6. Respect what other people share online and don’t say anything rude 
  7. Always tell your parents if something bothers you online
  8. Don’t ever accept a reward without your parents’ permission; it could get you a virus
  9. Don’t respond to people that you don’t know
  10. Don’t have a person come over to give you a reward; they could kidnap you


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Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Teens

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Safety net Kids


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Ten Safety Rules for Kids That Use The Internet

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